Dr. Mark Tremblay: Study about screentime, mental health and physical activity | Ned Johnson: Communicating with Kids

Dr. Mark Tremblay and Ned Johnson

Written by: Lianne Castelino

Published: Aug 28, 2021

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Dr. Mark TremblayDr. Mark Tremblay
Father of 4
Senior Scientist, HALO Research
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
President, Healthy Kids Global Alliance

“The findings replicate in country after country after country after country, in boys and girls, in 11 year olds, 13 year olds and 15 year olds, same pattern, same dose response is is there that more frequent physical activity, meeting those guidelines of 60 minutes or more per day, the more days of the week, you can do that the better. Between five and seven days most days of the week, meets the guideline. And the screen time, up to two hours. And that seems reasonable. And both of the cut points are consistent with the existing guidelines in Canada from the WHO and other countries around the world.”

Tips to Maintain Physical Activity during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic


Ned Johnson - Professional Tutor
Ned Johnson
Father of 2
Professional tutor
Founder, PrepMatters.com
Co-author, What do you say? How to talk with kids to build motivation, stress tolerance, and a happy home

“We start the book with talking with kids to express empathy and validation.

Because when kids bring to us problems, we tend to fall into one of two traps — we either start giving advice, giving advice, giving advice, that then can feel like criticism, and then they reject and they just get more upset, or we tend to try to talk kids out of hard feelings.

And in both of those situations, we end up we can sort of push ourselves away from kids a little bit and they don’t feel understood.

Because it’s not logic that calms hard emotions.

It’s feeling listened to and understood. And when we can do that effectively with our words, and it calms those hard emotions.”

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