Author of multiple international bestselling books including: In Praise of Slow, Under Pressure, The Slow Fix, and most recently Bolder: Making The Most Of Our Longer Lives, author, TED speaker and father of two, Carl Honoré pioneered the ‘slow parenting movement’ globally more than a decade ago.

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A former journalist, Honoré, a Canadian who lives in London, England, has cast a broad spotlight on the speed and frenzied pace of life, especially that of parents, children and families, through his written work and speaking engagements.

By challenging readers and society at large to question the pros and cons of leading hurried lives versus adopting a slower, more leisurely pace rooted in quality not quantity, Honoré’s slow movement has been a fresh alternative for many families struggling to meet the daily demands of modern life.

In an interview with Lianne Castelino of, Honoré reflects on the current state of the slow parenting movement, the impact of the pandemic on the pace of family life and more.

Watch the video interview with Carl Honore:

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