The scale, scope and duration of the COVID-19 global pandemic has created or further deepened mental health and wellness challenges within many families.

For children and parents, the impacts stemming from job insecurity, fear of the future, anxiety over the unknown, online school, disrupted schedules and routines, working from home, prolonged restrictive measures (lockdowns, social-distancing), caregiving, added stress, etc. — can be long and daunting list.

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Lianne Castelino of and WhereParentsTalk TV speaks to Debbie Berlin, a mom, social worker, psychotherapist and consultant about strategies to support individuals (children, youth, teenagers, young adults) and families who may be feeling overwhelmed.

Berlin’s professional expertise included 17 years working at SickKids hospital in Toronto as a social worker in paediatric oncology, where she supported children and and their parents grappling with the realities of a cancer diagnosis.

She has also worked with healthcare institutions and other organizations in the areas of mental health, and end-of-life care.

As the former Executive Director of Sheena’s Place, which provides teenagers 17 years of age and older and who are impacted by an eating disorder — with education and support.

Berlin is also a speaker, addressing ‘The Dilemma of Honesty’ in a TEDx event in Toronto in 2013.

Deeply experienced in trauma counselling and support, Berlin is now in private practice.

During an interview with, Berlin discusses:

  • the main issues and areas that families are seeking counsel on during the pandemic
  • coping strategies and tips for children and families, individuals and parents
  • what is missing from the current societal discourse on mental health and wellness challenges in families
  • what we should avoid for our mental health, during a pandemic and generally
  • what we should strive for to support our mental health, during a pandemic and generally
  • ways in which the pandemic has been a benefit

Watch the video interview with Debbie Berlin:

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