The Wealth of Wellness for Parents: Panel Discussion

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Written by: Where Parents Talk Staff

Published: Apr 19, 2024

The Wealth of Wellness for Parents panel debuted at the 2024 Spring Baby Show in Toronto.

Moderated by journalist, Lianne Castelino, the three-member panel featured Dr. Claudia Machiella (chiropractor), Corby-Sue Neumann (chef) and Dr. Natasha Collia (pediatric emergency physician) discussing wellness of the mind, body and spirit, along with proven tips and strategies for self-care and well-being for new, expectant and experienced parents.

The 60-minute panel discussion took place on April 13 and 14th, 2024, at Enercare Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Panelist bios, podcast and vodcast links below:

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Journalist | Founder, Where Parents | Podcast Host

Lianne Castelino is an award-winning journalist, communications professional, radio and podcast host, entrepreneur and mom.

She is the founder of Where Parents, a multimedia company designed to help moms and dads parent with confidence and optimism by sharing evidence-based research, lived experience and proven expertise from thought leaders who are also parents.

Lianne hosts the Where Parents Talk podcast and is a mother of three.




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Chiropractor | Co-founder, ‘The Centre for Health and Rehabilitation |
Radio Host, The Wellness Prescription 

As a passionate doctor, mother and health enthusiast, Dr. Claudia teaches those around her to embrace a lifestyle that promotes a sound body, mind and spirit. She is a true advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and is dedicated to spreading knowledge, insight and motivation to others on how to achieve optimal health.

As a busy mother, wife and entrepreneur she is most aware that the journey toward living your best life requires commitment. Her goal is to help anyone she can feel confident about their health. She believes we are all entitled to health and wellness, we just need the right tools, knowledge and team.

Dr. Claudia is also the host of ‘The Wellness Prescription’, a radio show that airs every Saturday at 10 am on 105.9 The Region.  This show is Dr. Claudia’s way of sharing tips, information and motivation for living your best life.  She chats weekly with experts, authors and brands that offer insight for making the changes you need to reach optimal health.


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Chef | Culinary Director | Food Media Personality | Entrepreneur

Corby-Sue has been feeding people since the tender age of 10! This is when her classically-trained chef father first put a knife in her hand, teaching her how to chiffonade and brunoise with the best of them. Corby-Sue would leverage this skill-set, coupled with a lifelong passion in all things culinary, into a 25+ year career in the food industry.

Originally from Australia, Corby-Sue has long considered herself a global citizen, having called Sydney, Toronto, London, England and New Zealand home.

Corby-Sue opened her first boutique catering business in Toronto in 1998, The Decadent Martini and after an ‘event-full’ six years and hundreds of memorable client moments, she made the decision to return home to her beloved Sydney, Australia.

In 2004, Corby-Sue opened her successful Specialty Food Store & Cafe, Neumanns Kitchen. This is where she learned the importance of knowing how and where to source local quality ingredients and celebrated them in reimagined classics from her childhood. Corby-Sue lived by the mantra, ‘If it’s good enough for my family, it’s good enough to put on the shelves!’ With this mindset and a genuine love of helping people to eat well in their homes, Corby-Sue expanded her food footprint to include a Personal Chef Service, Prepared Home Delivered Meals and a Boutique Catering Company, Corby-Sue & Co., for small to midsize events. The welcome addition of her two children also provided a new lens. Corby-Sue saw a gap in kids holiday programs and created the popular Kids Cooking Time!, as well as Mums and Bubs Cooking Workshops where she encouraged food as a language to first-time parents.

In 2017, Corby-Sue returned to her other home, Toronto, after more than a decade down under. She soon found her place in a new part of the commercial food industry, and has the daily joy of collaborating with a merry band of culinary experts, creating tasty at-home food experiences. Focus on convenience and sustainable practices are key!

Having honed her skills as a Chef, experienced the highs and lows of being a Founder of several small businesses, and continued to work as a regular contributor of food content across different media platforms, both here in Canada and Australia, Corby-Sue says her most rewarding role to date is that of Mum.

When not reading cookbooks, painting or sharing food stories in her podcast, On the Tip of My Fork, Corby-Sue can be found preparing and sharing a meal with her two favourite people; her son and daughter!


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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician |
Simulation Educator | Parent Educator

Dr. Collia is not just your typical Pediatric Emergency Medicine Doctor and Simulation Educator at the prestigious Hospital for Sick Children. Beyond the ER shifts and medical workshops, she’s a dynamic force dedicated to enhancing pediatric trauma management training, leading procedural skills workshops, and revolutionizing the educational experience for trainees as a Community Fellowship Program Director and Resident Hospital Site Coordinator. As a compassionate member of the hospital’s Peer Support Group, Dr. Collia extends her commitment to fostering an EDI forward, culturally sensitive, and supportive community within the medical profession.

Recently recognized with the coveted Sick Kid’s President’s Award, Dr. Collia stands out for her exceptional work in parental outreach, advocacy, and education. Her impact stretches beyond the institutional walls, resonating on social media as a trusted Public Figure—a go-to source for reliable information on common pediatric illnesses. She currently has her own IG LIVE Series called: Physicians in Living Rooms and co-hosts Reflections from the ER with CityTV’s Stella Acquisto. Both series provide live, transparent, and open collaborative discussions on hot topics in Pediatric Health and the ER with the goal of educating and ultimately coaching parents on how to be the best advocate for their children. Dr. Collia can also be found advocating for: equity in healthcare, women’s health and mental health.

Venturing beyond the academic realm, Dr. Collia embraces an active lifestyle fueled by an adventurous spirit. Whether exploring the intricacies of the medical world or the wonders of the globe during her downtime, she consistently seeks new horizons. Off duty, you’ll find her pampering her fur-babies Nikko and Lola or savoring moments with family and friends. And yes, she confesses to a guilty pleasure—never missing the latest superhero film and indulging in the cinematic experience with a side of popcorn.




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