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What's New, What's Different?

Andrea Howick and Lianne Castelio sure know how to appeal to the mothers of newborns. That’s the target audience of their highly informative video Bringing Baby Home. Maybe it’s because these mompreneurs have five children between them. They saw a need for a video that addressed the multitude of concerns mothers have about their newborns. The video tackles the most common questions, touching on everything from breastfeeding to the umbilical cord to sleep patterns, colds, fever, colic and vaccinations. Health care professionals led by Dr. Denis Leduc of the Canadian Paediatric Society provide the core information. Also available in French.

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Bringing Baby Home: From Birth to Six Months A How-To Guide for New Parents. Liandrea Productions

This Canadian 2004 production is a wonderful, reassuring and empowering guide for new parents. With 60 minutes of hints, tips and demonstrations from medical experts and childcare specialists plus answers to frequently asked questions, Bringing Baby Home includes:

  • Getting to Know Your Baby
  • Understanding Baby’s Language
  • Helping Baby Sleep Better
  • Bathing Newborns
  • Recognizing Baby’s Hunger Signals
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant Massage
  • Changing Relationships

Bringing Baby Home can be ordered online.

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Author: Krista Wadden

This is an excellent, informative DVD about feeding your baby from four to twelve months of life. The range of the contents is vast and the DVD goes into detail about many of the possible questions new parents would ask about allergies, food intolerances, and making homemade baby foods. There is an adequate amount of depth in the contents, but not an overwhelming amount of information for new parents.

This resource is designed for new parents interested in learning more about what to expect with regards to eating for their new baby from 6 to 12 months of age. It is an easy to follow resource as there are sections highlighted for what to expect when feeding begins with babies. At the end of each section, the main points are highlighted and reviewed, which is quite helpful in reminding the audience what was taught throughout that section. The author has not introduced new material, however has introduced a well-organized, concise report of feeding your baby. The author explains cues on when babies are ready to eat, how to make homemade foods for babies, when to start different food groups and textures, and also gives a variety of options for parents when preparing foods for their baby (such as vegetarian options). There is also a paediatrician who is interviewed throughout the DVD and he addresses many important issues that parents bring to his attention such as constipation, food allergies, anemia, and the importance of vitamin D for babies. The content is very accurate and would be a useful resource for all new parents.