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Baby Box Ontario

Inspired by Finland’s longstanding tradition of providing a safe sleep environment for infants to new parents, the Baby Box Company is now providing a certified Baby Box to expectant mothers and fathers across Ontario free of charge for those who register and complete the online form.
The Baby Boxes are usable up until six-months of age and arrive complete with mattress, waterproof cover and cotton sheet.  In addition to the bassinette-style sleep space, the box includes a kit full of baby products from diapers to body wash, breast pads to teething toys.

Uses of Baby Box in Ontario

“Approximately 80% of parents who receive a Baby Box in Ontario use it as a primary safe sleep space for their infant, up to about six months of age,” said Jennifer Clary, CEO of The Baby Box Co. in an online statement. “A Baby Box program can have a real and measurable impact on both the health and well-being of Ontario’s infants, and the confidence of Ontario’s new parents.”

According to the website, parents who are expecting a child between August 1, 2016 and August 1, 2017 are eligible to sign up for the program. The company is expecting upwards of 145, 000 Baby Boxes to be delivered annually in Ontario through hospitals and various community agencies.

Baby Boxes will be rolling out in provinces across Canada later this year.


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Pregnant and postpartum populations should be screened for signs of depression, according to a study by an influential U.S. panel.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) updated its 2009 findings on depression screening for adults to include, for the first time, expectant and postnatal women. The panel also recommended treatment and follow-up plans post-delivery.

“The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends collaborative care for the management of depressive disorders based on strong evidence of effectiveness in improving depression symptoms, adherence to treatment, response to treatment, and remission and recovery from depression” read the report published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in reference to the study’s findings of all adults. “This collaboration is designed to improve the routine screening and diagnosis of depressive disorders, as well as the management of diagnosed depression.”

The study recommends Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as a form of treatment for pregnant or breastfeeding women because of the potential harms to a fetus or newborn from certain pharmaceutical drugs. According to the findings, the risk of harms associated with CBT treatment in postpartum and pregnant women is “small to none.”

Other medical associations, including The American Academy of Pediatrics and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend depression screening at least once during the perinatal period.


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Whether you like it or not, giving birth exposes you to a myriad of tips and a mountain of advice courtesy of your fellow parents. From breastfeeding to sleep habits and everything in between, it seems everyone is an expert when it comes to surviving those postpartum days.

I found myself on the receiving end of many mommy pro-tips when I was pregnant and have to admit that some came in pretty handy (others not so much…others not at all). In my experience, the best advice was rooted in pragmatism rather than platitude, meaning anything in the vain of “Sleep when the baby sleeps” was pretty much useless.

It’s in that spirit of practicality and sensible support, that I give you my 5 easy tips for streamlining life with a newborn:

  1. Family room essentials: Keep a duplicate stash of necessities (i.e. diapers, wipes, etc.) in the family room to keep from running to the nursery every time the baby needs a change.
  1. Save Space: To prevent the bottomless pile of outgrown newborn attire from overtaking your house, invest in some vacuum bags that shrink when the air is sucked out, a real space saver!
  1. Dim those lights: Installing a dimmer switch in the nursery will avoid the need to turn on jarring overhead lights or bright table lamps for those overnight feedings.
  1. Pump-it: Baby shampoo, hand-sanitizer and anything of the sort should be in a pump bottle providing for convenient one-handed dispensing when you’re holding onto a squirmy infant.
  1. Hassle-free hydration: In case you haven’t discovered it already, breastfeeding can be extremely dehydrating. To avoid feeling parched in the middle of the night, keep a water bottle in the baby’s room and refill it after every use so it’s ready to go.

Having a newborn can be an uphill challenge at times, testing a parent’s patience and endurance beyond their wildest imagination. It is comforting in those early days to be able to draw on the wisdom and experience of the parenting community to smooth the way for all the amazing moments ahead; trust me, there are too many to count.


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