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Category :: Parenting

Posted April 6, 2015

How to Organize The Coolest Frozen Themed Party Ever

by N. White

Organizing a children’s birthday party is not easy these days, with expectations rocketing sky high. Children today want the works – and that means that you, as a parent, have to come up with a themed party which no one has ever seen before, as well as matching cake, décor, food and entertainment. Whew! If you are yet to decide on a...

Category :: Fitness

Posted September 22, 2014

When Your Kids Make You Proud

by Deborah Lowther

It is important to me to raise active kids and I do more than lead by example. It is my goal to see them happy and active and enjoy all the benefits being active affords them well into their adult lives.  They do not participate at a competitive level in anything, but they do a bit of everything – my kids ski, skate, dance, gymnastics, play soccer, make the school...

Category :: Parenting

Posted June 7, 2013

Escaping the Cotton Wool Cage

by Emily Buchanan, Guest Contributor

According to the media, everything is in crisis. From education to parenting to the institution of childhood, it’s hard to avoid the statistical evidence that tells us we’re all doomed.  Studies say that parents are paranoid and overtly protective. They say that parents...

Category :: Fitness, Health

Posted May 22, 2013

Seasonal Allergies and your Children


It seems like allergies this spring and entering summer are on the rise, both in children and adults. While weather is most certainly a leading contributor to the amount of pollen floating around, there are a host of other factors.  The following links provide information, tips and advice on how to prevent and treat allergies. 


Category :: Parenting

Posted April 22, 2013

Tax Tips for Parents: Maximizing your Refund for your Children

by speaks to Cynthia Caskey, CFA, Vice-President, Portofolio Manager & Sales Manager, TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice to get some tips on options parents should consider before filing their taxes in order to maximize their tax return and refund for their children.

The benefits of an RESP, considering specific deductions at source, and more, Ms. Caskey breaks it down in simple terms, offering advice for both parents and grandparents and how they can make...

Posted April 19, 2013

If You Eat Healthy, Does Your Family Need To Take a Multi Vitamin?

by By Deborah Lowther

There is no question that the best source from which to get your vitamins and
minerals is by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, grains,
protein and omega 3 rich fish.  The fact is many families are on the
go and busy and quite often the side of vegetables is not served at the drive
thru and the only fruit you may get your kids to eat is a glass of orange

Whether or not to take a multi vitamin, or any vitamin, depends on a...